Car pooling

Half of the problem is already solved,Everyone of us has to come at the same place in the morning and leave from the same place in the evening.So let's solve another half here


All discussion to Buy/Sell or Rent apartment/land goes here .


Tired of searching and commuting for used vehicles.Find it in your own community


Worst part about sports is you cannot play against a computer, you always need a team/partner. But now it shouldn't be your excuse, use this category to form teams, schedule matches


Get referrals from your buddies so that you can change your job while staying in the same campus.


All the listings for buy/sell except real estate and vehicles will go here.

Site Feedback

Tell us about what do you think about this site, how can we improve? Any new category that you want to see in this forum.Feel free to discuss

Tech Park Complaints

Companies do have strong built mechanisms to solve our issues but what about Prestige tech park as a whole.Post your complaint here and we will try our best to highlight it.


Discuss among like-minded people doing similar work